Orange is the New Black

I must admit that throughout my entire teenage years I rarely watched any TV and definitely wasn’t addicted to any series but enrolling in college meant only one thing, I also had to enrol in Netflix! First on my list of recommended series to watch was, of course, the infamous ‘Orange is the New Black’. The series is based on a memoir by Piper Kerman, based on her experience as an upper/middle class woman who found herself in prison. It was interesting to learn that many of the women depicted in the series are actually based on real life characters who Kerman herself encountered on her yearlong journey!

At the start I was sceptical, I didn’t get the humour, found it hard to learn everybody’s names (I had enough of that with college) and how could I ever relate to women in prison. However, I decided to stick with it and eventually found myself snorting with laughter over my laptop much to the surprise of my sister who is well aware of my lack of enthusiasm for television.

I developed a love for some characters while I loved to hate others, and really felt almost a part of Litchfield Prison (cue the need for a new hobby/life). I found myself binge watching night upon night, trying to get all my work done so I could just sit back and catch as much episodes as was humanly possible. What really made me love the series was the humour which the women found in every situation, whether it was dealing with born again Christians, corrupt correctional officers or simply each other in the dinner line. Here’s a few of my favourite moments:

  • When the devout Christian hillbilly ‘Pennsatucky’ decided that killing someone was the better version of forgive and forget.

oitnb 1

  • When Piper was in prison two days and already found herself to be a prison wife.oitnb 2
  • When racism was an everyday part of everyone’s life and no one complained.
  • oitnb 4When the Spanish took over the kitchen and everything went downhill from there.


  • When the food got so bad everyone converted to Judaism to get kosher meals.

oitnb 5


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